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Ace of Hearts - Desire for Affection
Karma - Selfishness

The Ace of Heart is motivated by love. Negatively, they are not so sure they want love until they see what it can do for them.

An ambitious drive for money is a motivating factor early in life, and all Ace of Heart need to develop patience and avoid get-rich-quick schemes. The men Ace of Heart are attracted to women with money, and the women Ace of Heart are often drawn to emotionally unstable men. Ace of Heart people have a gregarious, magnetic personality that attracts many business opportunities. They are versatile and adaptable, but find it difficult to make choices in regards to work and health. Lots of difficult karma for those born under the influence of this card, but with inspired thinking and a positive philosophy on life, the Ace of Heart are able to fulfill their intense desire for a life of love.

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December 30 (Capricorn)


Laila Ali, Tiger Woods, Patti Smith, Bo Diddley, Robert Hossein, Vladimir Bukovsky, Tracey Ullman

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