Ten of Heart is the SOUL CARD for the Five of Spade

soul card for the 5 of Spade

Success in Love

The 5 of Spade are happiest and most content when they work in a socially dynamic environment, and it serves to benefit their closest friends and loved ones.

Five of Spade

Variety and

All FIVE'S have restless karma, which reflects the meaning of their suit. The SPADE suit is symbolic of work. Thus, the 5 of Spade seek variety and change within their working environment.


The restlessness inherent in all Five's assumes a different quality in the 5 of Spades. These natives seek change to expand their social circles and improve the lives of those they love.

Fives of Spade tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. They love deeply and passionately. Unfortunately, and in spite of their desire for long lasting love, they are prone to disappointments and frustrations in their relationships with both women and men.

Willing to make sacrifices for the well-being of others, no service is too arduous for them. They enjoy helping other people, and just wish they could do more. Those born under the influence of this card have great inner strength at their disposal. And it's a good thing too - as with their difficult life pattern, they need it!

This is a traveler's card and travel is often required in the interests of health or business. These people are usually obliged to keep busy and they hate routine and limitation.

karma or destiny


January 9 - Capricorn, February 7 - Aquarius, March 5 - Pisces, April 3 - Aries, May 1 - Taurus


Jimmy Page, Richard Nixon, Ashton Kutcher, Charles Dickens, Chris Rock, Kevin Connolly, Dean Stockwell, Jane Goodall, Eddie Murphy, Marlon Brando, Tim McGraw, Jack Paar, Glenn Ford

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