Eight of Heart is the SOUL CARD
for the Seven of Heart

soul card for the 8 of Heart

Emotional Force
Power of Love

The 7 of Heart must learn how to apply the healing power of love and charm to overcome their karmic challenges in life.
"Kill them with kindness... should be the motto for the wonderful Seven of Heart!

seven of hearts

Charm and

All SEVEN's are vulnerable to antagonism that relates to the meaning of their suit. The HEART suit represents emotions and idealism. The 7 of Heart are very passionate about the people they love but just as vulnerable to betrayal.


The Seven of Heart people are known for their charm and magnetism. They are able to sway opinions and exert important influence over the ignorant or doubting. They are also known for their extremes in love - either jealous and suspicious, or they are completely loyal and devoted until death do they part.

The women of this card often need approval and encouragement. There is an inclination to cater to the opposite sex, and they usually prefer working with men who are intrigued by their appearance or actions. The men of this card often waste their personal power, and may become wanders or triflers - sailors who sail the seven seas "with a girl in every port".

This is also called the Martyr's Card as many 7 of Heart are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of a cause.

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September 30 (Libra), October 28 (Scorpio) November 26 (Sagittarius) December 24 (Capricorn)


Deborah Kerr, Truman Capote, Eric Stolz, Angie Dickenson, Buddy Rich, Dominique Moceanu, Martina Hingis, Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Tina Turner, Ryan Seacrest, Ricky Martin, Ava Gardner, Howard Hughes

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