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DIAMOND:  Assets - Worth - Creative Fire
ACE:  Pursuit - Acquisition
CHALLENGE:  Prestige


The Diamond personality is geared toward resources. The spirit of this diamond ignites the fire of acquisition. Its purpose is to acquire, amass and amalgamate. It is the fire element: activating, and consuming.

Fire is the flame of creation, forging materials from metal, illuminating the fire of the diamond within us. It is the value and worth of materialism.


The Ace has a value of one. It is singular and resonates independence. Ace is the I want, and the I need. The personality of the Ace is marked by their determination to get what they want and need.


Their Soul Card is the 2 of Diamond. This emblem is symbolic of negotiation and the fear of doing just that.
In a balanced world, the Ace of Diamond understands that “to give is to get”. They choose goodwill over manipulation and negotiate on that level to get what they need.

The lineup of cards are all influnenced by Mars: the planet of passion, martial energy and aggression. Mars gives the Ace of Diamond the vitality and drive to stay focused and razzmatazzle their competitors.

In their heart of hearts, the Ace of Diamond are unaware of the effect they have on the many. They become so focused on personal progress, they don't see the forest for the trees.

The soul-nature of the Ace of Diamond has come to understand debt and money. It has set itself up to overcome mistrust of authority and find creative faith-based ways to deal with nagging uncertainty.

Ace of Diamond often want to change the direction of their careers or alter the course of their projects during the Jupiter years age 39 to 52. When sufficiently creative, the doors to new ventures and opportunities fly open.

Birthdays for the A

January 26 (Aquarius), February 24 (Pisces). March 22 (Aries), April 20 (Aries/Taurus), May 18 (Taurus), June 16 (Gemini), July 14 (Cancer), August 12 (Leo), September 10 (Virgo), October 8 (Libra), November 6 (Scorpio), December 4 (Sagittarius)

Soul Card for the A

2 is the Soul Card for the Ace of Diamond. This card represents compromise. It has a negative value of fear. When the Ace of Diamond overcomes their reluctance to compromise, they gain faith and acquire a sense of spirituality.

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