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Ace of Spade

ACE: Longing - Self
SPADE: Physical - Work - Wisdom
CHALLENGE: Covetousness


The Spade personality enjoys being physically engaged in the world. The spirit of the spade is embodied in the instruments of labor, and it is earthy. The world compels the spade to dig deep into the hard soil to fulfill the needs of the soul.


The Ace has a value of one. One is self. The I am and I need. The personality of the Ace is driven toward fulfilling its own singular need.

Personality of the Ace of Club

Ace of Spade

Ace of Spade personalities are charismatic. They enjoy being physically active and have romantic expectations, which can keep them looking for their perfect love or soulmate.

Starting in their late teens and early twenties, the Ace of Spade get a lot of calls for help, usually financial. This is especially true of the women in their life, friends or relatives who equate money with loyalty.

It's not easy being identified as the Ace of Spade. Much inner work is needed for them to overcome negative thinking habits and harness their restless, if not reckless behavior patterns.

Spiritually, the Ace of Spade personality leads the soul on a journey of sacrifice; not as punishment, but to forgo the need for adulation and acquire victory over the little self.

Birthdays for the A♤

January 13 (Capricorn), February 11 (Aquarius), March 9 (Pisces), April 7 ( Aries), May 5 (Taurus), June 3 (Gemini), July 1 (Cancer)

Soul Card for the A♤

7 is the Soul Card for the Ace of Spade. This card represents emotional insecurity. As a Soul Card, it creates the need for recognition or appreciation in the life of an Ace of Spade.


Their Soul Card is the 7 of Heart. This emblem is symbolic of overcoming emotional stress associated with jealousy or lack of appreciation.

In an ideal world, the Ace of Spade dives selflessly into work, without the need for accolades. They balance their work-related ambitions with the emotional needs of those who love them and understand the real journey of life is love.

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