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jokerThe Joker
A Law Unto Themselves
Karma for the Joker - The Practical Application of Power

The Joker is a mysterious Card, and they are a mysterious people born on the day of the Joker! Identified as "all things to all men", this most compelling and ambiguous Card is known as the chameleon; their disguises are many and varied.

Those born on the day of the Joker have a tremendous amount of personal power at their disposal. Knowing how to apply that power in their lives is quite another thing...

The Joker also has a dark side. They can become obsessive, cunning, and selfish. They are masters of disguise and will conceal their dubious characteristics with deft ambiguity. Like a pendulum, the Joker can swing as far into the virtues of noble strength as they can swing deep into the well of petty selfishness. It is only through the practical application of their inherent powers that the Joker is able rise above the dark side, to which they are equally familiar.

The Joker is deeply passionate in both likes and dislikes. These extremes can be a source of discontent in their relationships, but when they feel they are secure in love, they are one of the most affectionate and creative of lovers!

All Jokers are wonderfully unique, a mysterious people who have the capacity for great wisdom. It is nearly impossible to analyze them as they hold the key to themselves and guard it well!

karma or destiny


December 31


George Thorogood, Donna Summer, Tim Matheson, General Cornwallis, Joe McIntyre, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Henrie Matisse, George C. Marshall,John Denver, Barbara Carrera, Val Kilmer, and Jacques Cartier.

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