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DIAMOND: Values - Radiance - Materialism
NINE: Service - High Calling
CHALLENGE: Overindulgence


The Diamond personality has been chosen to illuminate what is value in our school of Earth. The spirit of the Diamond is penetrating, clarifying. It is the element of fire and is quick to burn away the dross as it navigates the path of what is worth and what is not.


The value of 9 is service. The personality of the 9 is equipped to influence and serve others selflessly- for the benefit of humankind.

Personality of the Nine of Diamond

Nine of Diamond

9 of Diamond personalities are gregarious and they make great orators. A candid demeanor is often a result of psychological stress experienced during their early childhood years, for which they develop a healthy dose of humour (dry) to overcome, and charm to get by.

They feel it is their calling to help those less fortunate, and champion the rights of the underdog. This quality makes the 9 of Diamond one of the most generous and philanthropic cards in the deck.

In their negative state, 9 of Diamond personalities are resentful of the power they feel they should have, but don't. They are spendthrifts and loners. Their generous soul-nature is lost to self-indulgence, further straying from what the soul has come to learn. In their heart of hearts, all 9 of Diamond want to give.

In love and intimate relationships, the 9 of Diamond want to feel mentally connected with their partner. Take note! Deep and meaningful conversations do for this card what wine and song do for most.

Birthdays for the 9

January 18 (Capricorn), February 16 (Aquarius), March 14 (Pisces), April 12 (Aries), May 10 (Taurus), June 8 (Gemini), July 6 (Cancer), August 4 (Leo), September 2 (Virgo)

Soul Card for the 9

Q is the Soul Card for the 9 of Diamond. This high crown card governs the Creative Light that ignites our material world.


The Soul-Nature of the 9 of Diamond naturally serves others, bestowing gifts of light energy to illuminate the world of matter. In their most successful state of being human, the personality of the Nine of Diamond provides service to the downtrodden, illuminating their path and providing the resources they need to thrive.

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