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Two of Spade

SPADE: Physical - Work - Wisdom
TWO: Collaboration - Unity


The Spade personality is geared toward work. It is the earth element and does not easily yield to pressure. The world may crash down around them, but if the spade personality is engaged in their work, the world will be just fine.


The value of two is cooperation. The personality of the 2 is drawn to experiences that give them a chance to learn that value.


Their Soul Card is the 6 of Spade. This emblem is symbolic of a debt that needs to be repaid in the area of work.

In a perfect world, the 2 of Spade demonstrate the qualities of fairness, balance and equality. When these qualities manifest in the working lives of the 2 of Spade, they achieve success along with their most coveted prize of inner peace.

Personality of the 2 of Spade

Two of Spade

The 2 of Spade person will disarm you with their charming personlaity or turn you off with some snide remark. They have a sense of mischief and fun-loving gaiety, but like to appear conservative.

Two of Spade can make a lot of money in technology and property. Their magnetism also serves them well in the entertainment industry.

You can always count on the Two of Spade to commit to the task at hand. They are stable, dependable and hard workers, though not so easy to work with. It is their challenge to find the balance between complacency and willfulness.

In love, they seek meaningful, long-term relationships. Mental rapport is high on their list of requirements and you will always know where you stand with a 2 of Spade!

Birthdays for the 2♤

January 12 (Capricorn), February 10 (Aquarius), March 8 (Pisces), April 6 (Aries), May 4 (Taurus), June 2 (Gemini)

Soul Card for the 2♤

6♠ is the Soul Card for the 2 of Spade. This card represents peace and stability. As a Soul Card, it gives the Two of Spade a deep desire for peace and accountability.

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