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Card Spreads, Tablets and Plates

There are various methods of shuffling, cutting and laying out cards when performing the psychic-style card readings. Synchronicity or “meaningful coincidence” provides the seeker with the right card to tell his or her fortunes and is wholly dependant upon the reader's psychic connections. This method of divination is what sets metasymbology apart from the tarot and cartomancy.

Each spread of cards, also known as a tablet or plate, is a 360-degree turn of the solar year clock hidden within the deck. Each “turn” uses the numeric values of the 52 cards to create 91 tablets of all the cards. They are never cut, shuffled or randomly drawn from the deck.

Once you have prepared and preserved the tablets, there is no need to handle the cards again. The only variable will be the seeker, whose date of birth is essential to interpreting the cards on each fixed spread.

The first layout of cards is considered the natural spread where the cards are in their original order from Ace through to King, Heart through to Spade. We call this first tablet the Soul Spread because the cards, in their natural order, have not been changed by the law of cause and effect.

It is the Soul Spread that describes the perfect or ideal state of your being. Your soul nature is your spiritual essence; an image of Spirit, forever unchanged by your human experiences. Being in tune with the positive meaning of your Soul Card helps you manifest your most powerful, creative qualities.

From the Soul Spread, the first turn of the solar year clock creates the Mundane Spread, or as Arne Lein coined, the Life Spread. The Life Spread symbolizes our transformation from ever-existing soul, to ever-new life.

Self-understanding begins by analyzing your two natures: your intuitive soul nature or “secret self” with your conditioned self, or "character" with all of the life-patterns and habits you have acquired since birth. Success comes when you figure out how to harmonize the ever new possibilities and experiences of your life with the intuitive wisdom of your soul nature as symbolized by your Soul Card.

Displacing the Life and Soul Cards

The easiest way to find your Soul Card is to place the Life Spread directly on top of the Soul Spread. Each card from the Life Spread will "displace" a card directly underneath. The card underneath your birthday card is your Soul Card.

soul and life card spreads to find displaced soul card

Here you can see the 4 is the Soul Card for the 4 and the 10 symbolizes the Soul Card for the Q♤ etc.

Interpretation of Soul Card with Birthday Card

Using the birthday card 4 and its soul card, the 4in a brief example...
The general characteristics of the 4 of Heart person is family oriented. They are emotional people with very strong family values and believe true happiness is only found amongst family and friends, all within a happy home. However, with the 4 of Spade as their intuitive soul nature, they are always compelled to find fulfillment and satisfaction in their work environment. Thus the key to personal fulfillment for all Four of Heart is to find the right balance between work and love, so that their love of work doesn't keep them away from the home fires they hold so dear.

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