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Venus Goddess of Love

The beautiful Goddess of Love, Venus is primarily concerned with our relationships, our emotions, our home and loved ones. She also symbolizes women, luxury, the arts, and some of the finer things in life.

Venus never means anyone any harm and is a considerate, easygoing Player. But she also has her sensitive side, and is too easily hurt; laying all the suffering upon herself. In so doing, she can't help but ultimately harm the ones she loves and worse, harm her own self.

When Venus plays your cards, she wants everything to be perfect and beautiful. If her Cards symbolize uncertainty, secrecy, or jealousy, she can wreck emotional havoc in our lives. Venus loves to be social and is at her best when there are groups of people around her - 8's and 10's are her favorite cards - an audience to admire her and entertain!

In Metasymbology, Venus lords over Taurus and Libra.
Venus heralds the second cycle of seven, representing the 2nd Card that follows your Birthday Card.
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