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Ace of Hearts: Desire for Affection
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Ace of Heart: Selfishness

All ACE's represent a wish or a desire. The HEART symbolizes relationships and love. The meaning of the Ace of Heart is an intense desire to be loved. Notice the operative word is to "be" loved, not to simply love.

The Ace is the number of self and often translates into selfishness. Negatively expressed, the Ace of Heart will flirt and skirt around the object of their desire, until they see what love can do for them.

The Soul Card for the Ace of Heart is the Ace of Diamond, another wish card - except this time - a wish for money. The result is an ambitious drive for material gain which is their prime motivating factor when it comes to relationships.

Ace of Heart has a gregarious, magnetic personality, which can attract many business opportunities. They always want to look good in the eyes of others, and appreciate beauty while striving for self-improvement. They are creative, but find it difficult to make choices in regards to work and health.

To be sure, this is not an easy card to have as your birthday card. Much discipline and positive philosophy of life are needed to overcome the selfish, worrisome attitudes that prevent the Ace of Heart from obtaining the very thing they desire the most. LOVE.

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