Five of Heart is the SOUL CARD for the Five of Club

soul card for the 5 of Club

Wandering Hearts
Free-Spirited Love

The 5 of Club must tame their wandering hearts or suffer broken relationships. Many friends, but only one love is key to their peace of mind.

Five of Club

Restless Mentality

All FIVE'S have restless karma. The Club suit is symbolic of communication and how we think. The 5 of Club find it difficult to make up their minds, and need to learn not to tempt fate.


Versatile, restless, inquiring; forever seeking with an ever changing mind; the 5 of Club is a young soul who is never satisfied with the answers they find. They need constant movement and wide travel -- eager to go anywhere rather than remain where they are.
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Five of Club: Honesty and Risk-taking

The positive natives of this card fight against their inherent restlessness, which otherwise lures them away from building a solid base. Those 5 of Club will then choose to educate themselves in some specialty that interests them, and will pursue it to a successful outcome.

Marriage is never easy for the 5 of Club as they are prone to jealousy and suspicion. They also experience changes in their mental attitudes towards their partner, which causes the marriage to falter.

The Five of Club must have an outlet for their natural keenness. Education is of supreme importance if they are to succeed in life. And peace of mind comes from a willingness to accept their life as it must be lived -- constructively!

karma or destiny


March 31 (Aries, April 29 (Taurus), May 27 (Gemini), June 25 (Cancer), July 23 (Cancer/ Leo), August 21 (Leo), September 19 (Virgo), October 17 (Libra), November 15 (Scorpio), December 13 (Sagittarius)


Wild Bill Hickok (Dead Man's Hand), Pavel Bure, Gordie Howe, Al Gore, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Day-Lewis, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Kissinger, Monica Lewinsky, Kim Cattrall, Jim Abbott, Eminem,Evel Knieval, Archie Moore, Jamie Foxx

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