Five of Club is the SOUL CARD for the Four of Club

soul card for the 4 of Club

Adapting to

If they want to experience more joy in their lives, the 4 of Club must learn how to better adapt to change, and become more flexible towards others.

Four of Club

Mental Pursuits

All FOUR's are inflexible and headstrong. The CLUB suit symbolizes communication and thoughts. Thus the 4 of Club tend to be opinionated, and unyielding towards others.


The Four of Club is known as the debaters card; probably because of their fixed opinions and unique ability to shut off emotionally. The people born on a Four of Club day have strong, productive minds, and a good education is key, or they run the risk of talking much, but saying little.
KARMIC CHALLENGES for the Four of Club: Dispassion and Passive Aggression

Four of Clubs are always afraid of not having enough money, even when they do, and they are known to drive a hard bargain. Work is healing for them, especially when it involves large, male dominated organizations, and their health is never much of a problem.

The 4 of Club like to look good. They have unique and unusual emotional interests, often attracting dubious or manipulative people into their lives. They have a natural ease about them, especially when involved with large groups of people, and they make for great travelling companions!

karma or destiny


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Kirsten Dunst, Michael Waltrip, Ian Fleming, Rudolph Giuliani, Pearl S. Buck, Greg LeMond, Jennifer Lopez, Amelia Earhart, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker

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