The SOUL CARD for the Jack of Heart remains the same

jack of heart

and Sacrifice

As one of the "fixed cards", the Jack's of Heart have no recourse. They must "stay the course" until they learn to love unconditionally and master their intense emotions!

jack of heart

in Love

All JACKs are youthful; next in line to the crown. They are neophytes in the meaning of their suit. The HEART suit represents emotions and how we love. The Jack of Heart are emotional, dynamic, and willful!


The first two 13-year cycles of time are challenging for those born with Jack of Heart karma. The first 13-year cycle is fraught with sudden, unexpected frustrating experiences over which they have no control. The second 13-year cycle suggests disappointments and despair within the home, and they often suffer due to the poor health of the ones they love.

What doesn't kill you is supposed to make you stronger, and with the kindness of a sweet-hearted mother, sister, or other Venusian guiding influence, the Jack of Heart learns that sacrifice can lead to immeasurable blessings, and broadmindedness to understanding and compassion. Thus can the Jack of Heart climb to the ranks of greatness, bestowing their unique perspective upon the masses.

Many Jacks of Heart are not karmically ready to fulfill their high calling, at least not in this lifetime. Thus the Jack of Heart is also known as the emotional tyrant, willful, with a heavy case of martyr complex!

For the most part, however, Jack of Heart natives are kind and friendly. They feel strongly about protecting loved ones, and don't want to be a problem for anyone.

Of interest, the Jack of Heart is placed at the very center of the spreads, the lines of which form a cross. This is one of the reasons it's called the "Christ Card." It is also symbolic of Pisces.

karma or destiny


July 30 (Leo), August 28 (Virgo), September 26 (Libra), October 24 (Libra / Scorpio), November 22 (Scorpio), December 20 (Sagittarius


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hilary Swank, Lisa Undertow, Henry Ford, Emily Browne, Buddy Guy, Jack Black, Shania Twain, Leo Tolstoy, T.S.Elliot, Serena Williams, Kevin Kline, Scarlet Johansson, Mariel Hemingway, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Uri Geller, Harvey Firestone

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