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king of diamondsDiamonds - Values - Security - Dharma
King of Diamonds Meaning: Command of Commerce
Karma for the King of Diamonds - Denial of the Power of Love

Positively, the King of Diamonds are endowed with wisdom and power. They may appear cold or hard -- but in truth, they are just, and inclined to philanthropy.

As a Kings' Card, they are born into power and must naturally equip themselves as rulers. If that power means money, then it must be in such abundance that no one can outstrip them or outdo them. But for those Kings of Diamond working on the higher plane of values - the hard-boiled materialism of the typical King of Diamond is unknown to them.

These people are willing to take a gambler's chance because they can afford to lose - but seldom do.
The women King of Diamond are very positive but should strive to keep their personalities out of business dealings or they get emotionally disappointed and frustrated.

The King of Diamond are rarely in inferior positions, and they almost always have ample funds at their disposal - or backers who will come to their rescue. Kingpins and top dogs indeed!

karma or destiny


January 14 (Capricorn) February 12 (Aquarius) March 10 (Pisces) April 8 (Aries) May 6 (Taurus) June 4 (Gemini) July 2 (Cancer)


Jason Bateman, LL Cool J, Benedict Arnold, Christina Ricci, Naseem Hamed, Arsenio Hall, Abraham Lincoln, Prince Edward, Sharon Stone, Osama bin Laden, Chuck Norris, James Earl Ray, Betty Ford, Mary Pickford, George Clooney, Rudolph Valentino, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan
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