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nine of spadesSpades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance
Nine of Spade Meaning: Spiritual Awareness
Karma for the 9 of Spade: Service

Sensitive, idealist, unconventional - none of the 9 of Spades are undeveloped or unaware, and it's that very awareness that either disturbs them or inspires them.
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Nine of Spade: Hypersensitivity and Impersonality

Nine of Spade need to find positive philosophical or spiritual ideals to help them cope with their intense inner-emotional conflicts, as they prone to psychosomatic illnesses. All 9 of Spades have tremendous personal magnetism, and they have a strong paternal nature toward those they love.

Capable of managing large businesses, 9 of Spade are at their best when sitting in the drivers seat. When it comes to finding love, they are flirtatious and tend to lose interest quickly. Friendships are extremely important to them, and they enjoy learning and sharing their knowledge with others.

The Nine of Spades are often brought into contact with a wise and kindly man - a mentor who sets them back on their feet and instills in them the self-confidence that should never be lacking. These are truly gifted people with much to offer. If only they are made to realize it!


January 5 (Capricorn), February 3(Aquarius), March 1(Pisces)


Juan Carlos 1 - King of Spain, Diane Keaton, Marilyn Manson, Norman Rockwell, Gertrue Stein, Morgan Fairchild, Ron Howard, Booker T, Roger Daltrey, Paramhansa Yogananda

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