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queen of spadesSpades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance
Queen of Spades Meaning: The Crown of Labor
Karma for the Queen of Spades - Self Mastery

Queen of Spade have come to lead and direct. They are co-rulers with the highest authority - the King of Spade. When they find themselves in a subordinate position, they feel frustrated and miserable because they know they don't belong there!

Queen of Spade is one who must work especially hard in life. They have good mental balance, right judgment of values, and an eagerness to work without sparing themselves. These people know where they belong, and are continually struggling to get back to the Crown.

The Queens of Spade feels best in business for themselves, and they will hire out anything they dislike to do. They are excellent managers for others, (when keeping their dictatorial attitude in check!), and the men make excellent doctors.

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January 2 (Capricorn)


Isaac Asimov, Kate Bosworth, Christy Turlington, Cuba Gooding Jr.

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