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two of diamondsDiamonds - Values - Security - Dharma
Two of Diamond Meaning: Financial Security
Karma for the 2 of Diamond - Fear of Lack

The Two of Diamond need to overcome an inherent fear of not having enough money. Power is always available to them in whatever career they choose, so their obsession with poverty, and their fear of not having enough, is basically unfounded.
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Two of Diamond: Fixation on money and prestige.

One's first impression of a 2 of Diamond person is that they are self confident, and socially very much in-the-know. It is only when a Two of Diamond feels their status is threatened that they become self-defensive and will stop at nothing to regain their self-esteem. Fixation is a problem for the Two of Diamond, and they will get stuck wielding their own power until they are forced out of their situation, wondering how they ever let it get that far in the first place!

Two of Diamond believe they know best. They make excellent parents and leaders. They are also excellent traders and merchandisers- especially in areas of glamour, or foreign investments. Entertainers often end up drifting through life, or being content with a mediocre performance, though not true of the women.

karma or destiny


January 25 (Aquarius), February 23 (Pisces,) March 21 (Pisces/Aries), April 19 (Aries), May 17 (Taurus), June 15 (Gemini), July 13 (Cancer), August 11 (Leo), September 9 (Virgo), October 7 (Libra), November 5 (Scorpio), December 3 (Sagittarius)


Corazon Aquino, Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning, Matthew Broderick, Rosey O'Donnell, Kate Hudson, Maria Sharapova, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ice Cube, Harrison Ford, Hulk Hogan, Adam Sandler, Vladimir Putin, Kevin Jonas, Brendan Fraser

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