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Two of Heart Meaning: Faith in Love
Karma for the 2 of Hearts - Fear of Financial Security

All TWO's represent an element of fear, based on the meaning symbolized by their suit. The HEART suit represents love and relationships. Thus the 2 of Heart tend to run from the very thing they need the most: emotional commitment.
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Two of Heart: Cooperating with Loved Ones.

It is true, the meaning of the Two of Heart heralds the "union of love." But those born on a 2 of Heart Day are some of the least lovable types! Perhaps in spite of their obsessive need for an intimate relationship, Two of Heart are willful brainiacs, preoccupied with financial security, with a preference for associating with people of influence.

The essential nature of the 2 of Heart is to protect those whom they love and share the responsibilities of family and friends. They have brilliant minds, a firm command over their financial affairs, and rock solid work ethics. All Two of Heart strive for peace and will do whatever it takes to achieve it!

The Soul Card for the 2 of Heart is the ever curious Ace of Club. Hence an inherent conflict between their compelling need for emotional security (the 2♡), and their insatiable "need to know" (A♧)!

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December 29 (Capricorn)


Ted Danson, Charles Goodyear, Jon Voight, Marianne Faithfull, Mary Tyler Moore.

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