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Meaning of the 6 of Hearts

six of hearts playing cardHearts: Emotions - Relationships - Love
Six of Heart Meaning: The Law of Love
Karma for the 6 of Heart - Responsibility

The vibration of 6 resonates with duty and purpose in line with the meaning of the suit. The Heart Suit represents relationships and social aspects of our society. Thus the 6 of Heart feel the purpose of life is duty-bound to support their family, friends and worldly causes.

Six of Heart do not believe in luck. They work tirelessly to achieve their objectives. Not for fame or glory, but because they feel obliged to do so. And they do it well.

The 6 of Heart also have a knack for big business, though remain motivated by their sense of duty. A quote by Conrad Hilton of the Hilton Hotel empire sums up the business acumen of the 6 of Heart perfectly. “There is a yoke of responsibility that attached itself firmly the minute someone had entrusted me with their capital.” (Archbridge Institute: Conrad Hilton: The Dreamer Who Conquered an Industry)

Six of Heart are detail oriented perfectionists. Tenacious too! And did I mention excellent negotiators? Their biggest business opportunities manifest between age 39-51, if they are so inclined. Most Six of Heart people are not that ambitious, preferring to work only as much they need to support themselves and their family.

In love, trust does not come easy. The 6 of Heart believe a healthy partnership must include a healthy financial arrangement too. The men are often in a business partnership with women while the women 6 of Heart seem to attract the proverbial bad boys!

Birthdays for the 6

October 29 (Scorpio), November 27 (Sagittarius), December 25 (Capricorn)

Soul Card for 6

The Soul Card for the 6 of Heart is the practical 4 of Club. The practical, straightforward cerebral qualities symbolized in this card is what keeps the 6 of Heart on a positive mental track.

Famous 6 People

Annie Lennox, Anwar Sadat, Barbara Mandrell, Bill Mauldin, Bruce Lee, Cab Calloway, Carlos Castaneda, Caroline Kennedy, Clara Barton, Conrad Hilton, Eddie Rabbit, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Humphrey Bogart, Jaleel White, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Buffet, Kate Jackson, Melba Moore, Richard Dreyfus, Robert Ripley, Robin Givens, Rod Serling, Sir Isaac Newton, Sissy Spacek, Winona Ryder